Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Why Twitter Hasn’t Failed: The Power Of Audience

This article was posted on Twitter just now by StevieKnight. The article was on TechCrunch by Gregor Hochmuth back on August 10, 2008. Good stuff

...What explains the Twitter phenomenon then? What produces the positive feeling and the strong attachment among those who tweet? And moreover: How can other systems learn from this?

The answer lies in understanding Audience.
Twitter has a simple premise: You tweet & the message is pushed to your friends. The actual mechanics are slightly different (messages go to everyone who follows you, whether they’re your “friends” or not, assuming your stream is public) — but from a user’s perspective, the circle of receivers consists only of the people they know. Everyone else is part of a faceless crowd that’s hidden behind the follower count.

This simple premise holds the key to Twitter’s success: messages go to a well-defined audience.

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