Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Do People Want to Sell to Their Friends?

More on Facebook dfor our discussion in tonight's class from a good resource for Facebook Developers and Marketers called Inside Facebook:

Two weeks ago, we discussed how Facebook’s recent changes to public user search listings could significantly increase Facebook Pages SEO. By adding millions of links to Facebook Pages, brand managers may notice that their Facebook Pages will be ranking higher and higher in search listings for their brand name.

Now, over the last week, Facebook appears to be taking further steps to drive traffic to Facebook Pages. According to several Page owners, Facebook has voluntarily been showing Facebook Ads driving fan sign \ups on their Pages over the last several days. As one Page owner writes,

Personally I have more than 10 pages and all of them have experienced an increase in its number of fans since 2 days ago. One of them has increased from 44.000 fans to more than 48.000 fans in 2 days (when normally its daily increase rate was 150 new fans every day). more here

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