Saturday, December 13, 2008

How to Argue for Social Media

We've talked about this in class - you want social media, your management is not ready for it. Here's some ammunition from Jacob Morgan:

I was speaking with my friend and colleague Tyler Willis today about social media and he made a good point which should be pretty obvious but is oftentimes overlooked. ...

Here are some arguments that an executive at a company might have against using social media:

  • It’s too time consuming
  • People can bash us online
  • Can’t track direct sales or revenue
  • Don’t have the resources
  • Time could be better spent on things that are trackable
  • It builds personal brand but not company brand

Here are some arguments that a social media strategist (such as myself) might have for using social media (directly correspond to arguments above)

  • Time spent building relationships is the most valuable thing your company/brand can do. Every relationship you build is another consumer or user that you can reach out to for feedback or information. Every relationship you build can turn into a brand evangelist which can then turn into another 5 relationships. Without user and consumer relationships your brand cannot succeed. More Here

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