Thursday, December 18, 2008

Breaking Up In 140 Characters

From class participant Annie:

We’ve seen technology facilitate the beginning of relationships (and even marriage proposals) many times before. Francis Anderson points us to a curious example of a couple breaking up in real time over Twitter. Their status updates very publicly detail the breakdown and back and forth they go through as the situation spirals downward.

Anderson explains:
“Last night I had the strangely compelling but deeply awkward experience of watching someone liveblogging the end of his relationship via twitter. You can watch the action from the bottom in the screengrab below… I find the progression, the unfolding to be very striking… as well, of course, as the fact that he did it on twitter. Not sure what I think about it (also not sure they’re going to stay broken up, being a romantic and an optimist) and I won’t muddle the experience with my own commentary, but it felt worth sharing.” Francis Anderson: “Breaking Up On Twitter“

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Kirk Harney said...

If this is really true, and these people aren't pulling our leg, I find this very disturbing. I mean, breaking up using "tweets"? Maybe if these two had put their DEVICES away and talked to each other instead, they could have found happiness instead of sadness. Social media? More like ANTI - social media..........