Friday, December 12, 2008

Using Your SEO and Analytics to Create a Social Media Strategy

From class participant Nicole D - I read a great post today on Social Media Today's website. Here's the link:

I think Jacob's got some great points and it gives a nice counter-viewpoint to what we've discussed in class.

Let’s briefly outline some of the things your analytics can show you and why these things are valuable:

  • What keywords users are typing into search engines to find you, this can give you a good idea of how users see your company or your brand. What keywords or phrases do they associate with you/your brand?
  • What keywords users are NOT typing into search engines to find you. If the company brands itself as one thing, but the users see the company as something else; well then you know you have an issue here. Understanding this will help you create your communities.
  • Where your traffic is coming from, is it through digg, twitter, etc? This can give you a good idea of where your communities already exist (if you have them) or where you need to create them. If I see a good portion of my traffic coming from twitter, then I probably already have an evangelist or a community that I can tap into.
  • What part of the world are my users coming from? This will help me understand where I need to focus my efforts of community building. If I am a global brand trying to target Germany yet I see no traffic coming from there, then perhaps I want to step up my game, maybe hold a few offline events/speaking engagements, create a more German targeted site, etc.
  • Top content categories. If I have a page with several tabs (X, Y, Z) and I see that Y is the most popular tab, then perhaps I would want to build a community around “Y” or see if existing communities exist. Knowing what your users love the most on your site is a great starting point for a social media campaign or strategy.
  • Visitor segmentation by language. This is simple yet powerful. If I see that I have an English speaking site that is getting interest from a lot of foreign speaking countries, then I should create communities or microsites for my foreign speaking friends.
  • Drilldown by network location. I can actually see if most of my users are coming from charter, comcast, verizon, bellsouth, etc. Understanding this may help in possible cross-branding communities or promotions through social media channels.
  • Visitor loyalty lets me see how many times the same person has visited my site. This can help me understand if I have possible fans or evangelists out there, of course this is crucial. If I see that I have a few brand evangelists I would invite them to help me promote my content.

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