Thursday, November 13, 2008

Your Blog

We had a great night last night with our guest speaker, Ethan Bauley, from M80. Ethan is very passionate about social media and brought a wealth of information. His presentation will be posted to Blackboard.

He talked about "listening" on behalf of customers - something we've really tried to emphasize during this course.

An easy way to start is by using Google Reader or Google Alerts to have news on a specific topic, competitor, industry, or company delivered directly to you.

We also talked about YOUR BLOG. This is your homework assignment - to start a BLOG. Easiest is to use BLOGGER, because most everything is there to put it together fast. Please spend time exploring the LAYOUT and SETTINGS - play around a bit and change it up. This is a learning exercise - no grade on the blog appearance or content. The main point is to jump in and get started!

Finally, we talked about using social media to create "buzz" and mentioned the new movie "Twilight". Here's a news article about that.


Ethan said...

Thanks, Beverly!

I also recommend for a very simple introduction to the power of "listening" in social media.

I just wrote a post titled "Social Media Advice: How To Write a Blog For Small Business" that should provide some more details on practical tactics!

Link me up, I need more readers of my blog!


Catherine Rhodes said...

OK, here's my opening salvo. I'm a music junkie so I named my blog "200 Live Shows" which is what I estimate I've probably seen. I only did one post so far, but plan to update it daily. If anyone wants to comment or link to me, that would be great.

Catherine Rhodes said...

What Sarah Palin thinks of bloggers:

For the record, I don't have a basement (although I must admit that I'm in my pajamas...)