Saturday, November 15, 2008

Twitter Taste Live

Here's a good study in using Twitter to build a community, brand, movement around a niche subject. It's called Twitter Taste Live and it's focused on Wine Tasting.

What do you notice from a learning perspective about the site? Branding, community, etc? Post your comments!

Welcome to the home of the Twitter Taste LIVE tasting series. Here you'll find everything related to the online tastings including; archived events, upcoming event schedules, photo and video links, discussions and featured blog posts. Twitter Taste LIVE is about connecting consumers around the world directly with the folks that drive the wine trends and produce the wines! Please browse our growing list of users and feel free to "friend up" any and all participants. During the monthly TTL and any other time post your tweets beginning with #ttl to have them show here on our feed.

1 comment:

Catherine Rhodes said...

How do we set up a company Twitter page like this?