Saturday, November 8, 2008

The links from Class #1 and Sun Tzu's Art of War are on Blackboard now.

Everyone was sent their logon and password info from UCLA Extension last Thursday. So if you haven't received it yet, please be sure to check your regular and Spam/Junk email folders for a message with an obscure looking subject line (that looks more like a model # for an appliance, than a message from UCLA).

To log into Blackboard: UCLA Extension Blackboard Link, or go here: Then follow the directions under "Blacboard Login".

If you still can't find your logon info, just submit a Request:
- Note: You can request other BB support here too and as I understand it, support is staffed 24/7 (even on Weekends!).
- If you still can't get into BB by Monday, then please send me an email (see slide #1 from the PowerPoint handout).

Once you're in Blackboard and the BB site for our class:

- For Class #1 PowerPoint, go to "Course Documents".

- For Sun Tzu links, go to "External Links". - Includes links to Art of War videos, audios, eBooks, HTML, Text, etc.

- For Emails sent to class, check Course Documents > Emails occasionally, just in case an email was sent that you may not have received.

That's it for now.

Take care and "Welcome to our class!",


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