Tuesday, November 18, 2008

J&J Pulls Online Motrin Ad After Social-Media Backlash

Here's a first (?) - the term "social media backlash". You'll remember we blogged just yesterday on "Motrin Moms" on Twitter. Well, today J&J announces it's pulling the ad.

(Star Tribune) Dozens, if not hundreds, of "mom bloggers" started blasting the ad on the social networking site Twitter, with quite a few suggesting a Motrin boycott.

J&J, upon learning of the criticism, took the site down over the weekend. On Monday, it went back up, with the video ad replaced by an apology from McNeil Consumer Healthcare marketing head Kathy Widmer. "The company takes feedback from parents and caregivers very seriously and we sincerely apologize for any concerns raised" by the ad, McNeil spokesman Marc Boston said in an interview.

One blogger with some spare time or perhaps a nanny put together a video of criticism highlights.

Meanwhile, lots of blogger moms, and some dads, continue posting, with many saying they don't see why the ad became such a big deal — a good question, as Boston said the video ad was first posted back on Sept. 30 but didn't draw comments until recently.


Mrs. CAPTAIN said...

Here is an example of the pain reliever ad for agencies that want to reach customers by social media. It is also talking about reputation.


Catherine Rhodes said...

I hate to be a cynic, but I think the ad was designed to be provocative to spur this kind of publicity. There's no way you can watch it and not realize it's offensive.