Thursday, December 11, 2008

Special Thanks to Guests Nic, Kyra, Marjorie!

On behalf of Karl Kasca, my co-instructor, and the 52 students in the class, I want to thank Nic Adler, owner of the famous Roxy Theatre on Sunset, and Kyra Reed and Marjorie Kase from Markyr Media for an awesome presentation last night to the Social Media Marketing class at UCLA.

Nic was wonderful in covering how he adopted Social Media as a way to facilitate 'everything music' in the LA scene and beyond and helped revitalize The Roxy brand. Using strategies and suggestions from Kyra, Nic totally revived a great, traditional brand, AND has become a 'destination' for information on musicians, events, concerts, and other goings-on all over the world. And Marjorie shared how Markyr Media works with clients to get into the SMM game!

Kudos to all three and thanks for taking the time out of your busy day to bring this excellent case study to our business students!

PS - Karl and I were also interviewed for the UCLA Extension's YOUTUBE Channel by Brian Bell, Media Relations for the Extension. Brian says our video will be up shortly, so check it out. And check out the other videos of classes offered by the Extension. Karl and I are proud to be a part of such a great organizaiton.

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Kirk Harney said...

+1!! Really great presentation and very informative. I still can't get over how the bands are allowing images and videos of live performances to be posted. Talk about open community.