Friday, December 12, 2008

Do Brands Belong on Twitter?

From class participant Annie:

"Beverly, before your class I was wavering between using twitter seriously for myself and for promoting my clients, but after taking your class and hearing all of the case studies, I am beginning to take it a bit more seriously! Also, I just read this article and found it very interesting since like i mentioned before, I am using twitter for both personal and professional reasons:"


Behind every Twitter account is a person. But some of these people ‘hide’ behind organizational brands, obscuring their persona and therefore reducing authenticity and transparency.

While some brands do a decent job of engaging people on Twitter, many don’t, and one could further argue that brand names and logos, as opposed to full names and user images, are not in the spirit of the Twitterverse.

People Talk to People

Twitter is about people sharing information with other people. So how do one-dimensional organizational brands fit into this mix? When you really think about it, they don’t. As an analogy, when you call customer service, a human answers the phone (eventually) and tells you their name - and you’re not talking to “Sprint” or “Dell” but rather “Steve” or “Danny.”

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